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Children for Heritage Walk-IX

The 9th Heritage Walk had 75 Students from Geetanjali Senior School, Begumpet and Kanya Gurukul High School, Ameerpet, walk through the magnificent Piagah Tombs . The students arrived at the Complex at 10:30 AM along with four teachers. The walk started with a small introduction on Heritage the value it holds and why it is important to protect it. Then the students were briefed out on topics like conservation, restoration etc. Later the history of the monument was explained . After the introduction session the children walked around the tombs, appreciating the intricate jali work done around the tombs and later in smaller groups they entered the tombs to have a look at the white marble work in which the tombs were built. And then the students where let to explore the monument. After spending a good amount of time at the monument the students assembled for a small Q&A session and gave their feed back of their visit.