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Reconstruction of Trikutalayam, Jakaram village


The Department of Archaeology & Museums, Telangana is successfully re-constructing a Kakatiya-era Trikutalayam at Jakaram village, Jayashankar-Bhoopalpally district. The four layers of stone vergams of Adhistana of this Trikuta temple have been erected. The Trikuta temples represent the glory of Kakatiya architectural style and there are many such temples built all over the region as Kakatiya rulers were great patrons of religion, culture and traditions. The temple is being restored with highest care, under the expert supervision of officials from Telangana Archaeology.


The village of Jakaram, located about 40 km from Warangal is home to an ancient Trikuta temple, built completely with red sand stone. The temple dedicated to Lord Siva consists of a garbhagriha, antarala and closed mandapa with porches on three sides. The temple faces east and it stands majestically on a high adhistana. The Department of Archaeology & Museums, Telangana is reconstructing the Kakatiya-era temple, by restoring the shrine to its historic glory.