Dargah Hazrath Saidani-Maa-Saheba

19th Century CE


Boats club, secunderabad, Hyderabad

Saidani-Ma-Saheba was Abdul Haq Diler Jung’s mother. He was an influential and important figure during the Asaf Jahis’s reign.

The tomb is constructed on a raised square platform with a intricately engraved dome, flanked by ornamental minarets. The facade of this tomb has five arches with three of them placed in the centre and the other two on the either side of wall panel. The parapet wall is well designed in two tier style, floral designs are observed abundantly on the structure and small niches are also provided in the parapet wall. Conch shaped kalasa motifs are also observed on the tomb.

The ground floor and first floor display beautiful combination of Qutb Shahi, Asaf Jahi and European elements.

The most remarkable feature of the Tomb of Saidanima is that despite the profuse use of different intricate stucco decorations in embellishment the facade does not appear cluttered. From a distance, the monument gives the impression of a finely crafted piece of filigree and when viewed closely one is overwhelmed by the intricacy of patterns and excellence of craftsmanship evident in each decorated element.

How to Reach

Dargah Hazratha Saidani-Ma-Saheba Tomb is located close to the shore of Hussain Sagar Lake at the junction of Hyderabad and Secunderabad adjacent to the main road. Hyderabad, the capital city of Telangana is well connected to different parts of India by road, rail and air.